Cuffs Farm Services


Manure management is no easy feat especially when dairy farmers are required to meet regulations and obtain permits for expansion. Cuff Farm Services understands this. We work with all sizes of dairies to ensure that when they handle their manure, it’s done safely, simply, and smartly. Let us help improve and fine-tune your dairy’s manure management system.

Manure Management


Separation systems are vital to a dairy business. Solids are separated from the liquid portion and are able to be applied where and when they are needed. The liquid portion left behind can be utilized for irrigation or re-use. As with all our systems, our separation systems are designed to be safe, simple, and smart.

Custom Control Panels


At Cuff Farm Services, we know that each manure separation or sand recovery system we install; or add on to is a unique set up that has to be catered to the needs of the customer.  This is why we have our own in-house controls engineer;  to design and build a process controls systems.

Why Use Cuff Farm Services?

Cuff Farm Services is fortunate to have a team that continuously evolves with new ideas and technology.

Being a dealer of several equipment manufacturers as well as our own, we are unique in the sense that we manufacture the equipment, install the equipment, and provide tutorials on how to operate the equipment. We delegate a team member to dedicate the time needed to the farmer until the equipment is being utilized 100% by the farm and does not require our professional assistance any further.

Prior to CFS establishing our company here in Central New York, farms relied heavily on phone calls to dealers in hopes of learning how to operate equipment. The response time was significant enough that the farms would attempt to operate the equipment without proper training and end up frustrated. Stan had had plenty of experience with this while employed on a local farm. Eliminating this time waste and frustration was one of Stan’s priorities when he established his company. He knew leaving farmers in limbo jeopardizes their production and efficiency. Cuff Farms Services assures each customer that along with their equipment purchase, a tutorial is guaranteed.

This personal service has made our reputation and that has been a contributing factor to our success. Our support staff is reassuring to the farming community and this paves the way for future business contacts. We have found that word of mouth is the best form of advertising in this industry, the key to success is hard work, confidence, knowledge, and most of all honesty.

Being established in the heart of Cayuga County, CFS has a facility that can house large pieces of equipment and inventory, as well as the space to fabricate and receive equipment.

Part of our operations is to take raw materials in which we build and fabricate into a functioning piece of equipment. We are successful in the production of our equipment and have the capacity to deliver all of what is produced.

CFS prides itself on utilizing existing raw materials and creating something new and functional. We are environmentally aware of our surroundings and intend to continuously erect new technology from recycled materials.



The biggest risk involved in the manure management business is reputation. CFS has set high standards to maintain the utmost quality, integrity, and professionalism which is ultimately associated with our name. We have set a high precedent of dedication in implementing each individual project, ensuring that all projects are monitored on a continual basis to ensure customer satisfaction.